Our monthly Soccer Package include but is not limited to

English Premier League, Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and MLS


Selections delivered members section
All Soccer Selections 1-10*

Frequently asked Questions

Refund Policy

All sales are Final. If you are uncertain if J.A. Cavalier and is the right fit for you do not purchase packages. If you have questions or need further information about packages and the services we provide contact us via email or live chat. We do our best and try to win every game released however no one can guarantee winning.

How/when will I receive selections purchased

Because we put a backing on most packages such as must win day of purchase or you are entitled to a free upgrade. Selections are delivered day of purchase via email and website login for the duration of the package purchased. Website selections may be released as soon as the day prior to game time or 15 prior to game time however we will post an update time in the members section daily.

Are the selections guaranteed

No one can guarantee winning. We do our best and put in the time and effort to win every selection released however no one can guarantee the outcome of a sporting event. We can however guarantee the packages purchased and we fully back MOST packages. If a certain package is backed it will state so on the package. Remember not all packages are backed. If selections do not win day of purchase on a backed package you are entitled to a free upgrade.