J.A. Cavalier

The biggest name in Vegas does not sing or dance on a stage, it is by far the "Vegas Legend" JA Cavalier. Over 25 years Sports handicapping experience, 5 time champion, Co-founder of the Players Club & Chief scout for the largest sports syndicate in the world. JA Cavalier is a star in the sports community.

Other tipsters have claimed to be the capper to the stars but JA Cavalier's Personal Service is a list of the who's who when it comes to sports information. Littered with doctors, lawyers, CEO's, captains of industry, movie stars, ex-ball players, musicians and yes wise guys and syndicate players as well. No one deals with more high end clientele then JA Cavalier but he does not turn away the little guy either. J.A. houses  representatives  to handle clients of all shapes and sizes. Making JA Cavalier the largest Sports Service in the country.

Offering free sports picks daily and expert advice as well as Premium Picks.

JA Cavalier The most respected figure in sports information